Thursday, May 26, 2011

A couple of pictures...

29 Weeks. I wanted Riley in the picture but he wasn't understanding "Look, Riley! Look at the orange, blinking dot!" Oh well.
 Baby's room is slowly but surely coming together after Indy shower.
I actually just finished his room and decided to update. This is his bookshelf with lots of fun books, toys, and stuffed animals. The pack-in-play and laundry basket will be moved once the stroller is out of his bedroom. If you look between the bookcase and basket, there are a couple of black boxes between them. We only have one cable outlet in the living room and when we moved the office (baby's room) to the living room we had to leave the internet modem in his room and this is the only place where it can go and the internet still work.
 Diaper bags are packed. The green one is the main bag we'll be using but I was told by a few people just to have a smaller bag on standby for quick trips where the bigger bag will be a hassle. So I have one ready just in case.
 His closet is full! All of his clothes are washed and hung and we've stocked up on alot of diapers as well.
 This is the top of his dresser with his little c.d. player. The basket contains his cd's and dvds.
 This is the top drawer of the changing table. As you can see, stocked up!
Now it's just a waiting game for our baby boy to arrive! :)

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Laurie said...

Wow,it all looks so beautiful! I can't wait for this baby boy.