Wednesday, June 8, 2011

31 Weeks

How far along: 31 Weeks. Ahh!
Total weight gain: 22lbs. total.
Maternity clothes: I wear anything comfortable.
Sleep: Knock on wood, I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. However, I am starting to wake up around 3-4am every morning with my hips and legs hurting. I think being able to only sleep on my sides and with the extra weight I'm carrying puts all the added pressure on those areas.
Best Moment this week: Having Francine and Michael over for a few days. I am so happy John was able to see his aunt and uncle. It's not often we get to see family so I know it means alot to him that he was able to see them. I also got to see our sweet baby boy on Thursday. I already posted those pictures, but it was so amazing being able to see him. Totally made my week!
Movement:  Often. 
Gender: Boy!
Labor signs: Hopefully I won't have these for another 9(ish) weeks. Yikes, we're down to the single digits.
Belly button: It's half popped. Ha! And when I'm sitting, it's all the way popped.
Cravings: Food.
What I miss: I think I'm about ready for my old body back, however, I know I'm going to miss feeling him kick and move around. I also miss sitting on the couch and being able to breathe.
Stretch Marks: No stretch marks yet except the dark line below and above my belly button. Fingers crossed it stays this way!
What baby is up to: Weighing in at three-plus pounds and measuring 16 inches long, your baby is quickly approaching his birth length — though he's got to pack on another three to five pounds before D-day. Also developing at an impressive clip: your baby's brain connections (he's got to make trillions of them!). He's now processing information, tracking light, and perceiving signals from all five senses. He's also putting in longer stretches of sleep, which is why you're probably noticing more defined patterns of wakefulness (and movement) and rest (when he’s pretty still).
What I am looking forward to this week: Nothing. I started my summer class and it's going well. Tomorrow will be day 3, so not much going on with that yet. I'm not going to blog about it but some of you know why I'm not looking forward to anything this next week. Oh, wait! I take that back... John and I have been saving up and researching a really good camera for when the baby gets here. We finally found one we both love and we will be purchasing it this weekend! I am really excited about that because it's been a couple of months in the making and I'm ready to have it in my hands so I can learn how to use it. I'm sure I'll be blogging the crap out of pictures soon enough. :)

My pictures have been blurry lately. Not sure why. Oh well.



Megs said...

You look so cute! I had the same hip and back problems- my husband bought me this HUGE U-shaped body pillow, it really helped!

Laurie said...

Wow, time sure is flying! Super exciting times!!