Monday, June 27, 2011

What to wear, what to wear...

I am at the point in this pregnancy where nothing fits anymore. And I mean nothing. Everything is too tight with the exception of a couple of dresses. It's also hot here. I have two pairs of shorts I bought at Motherhood Maternity a couple months back and they are now too tight. I can wear them but they are snug around my mid-section and it's just plain uncomfortable to have pressure put on my abdomen. The other morning I ended up going through all of my drawers in a desperate search for something, anything, that I could wear and be comfortable. And what do you know, I pulled out a pair of shorts I had bought many years ago that I have been using the last few years as beach shorts to wear over my bathing suit. And they fit perfectly. Love them! However... it is a bit odd to wear them anywhere but my house. They are extra short (again, they were bought many years ago) and there is writing on the butt! Yes, you read that right. Ha! I am that woman who is walking around at 28 years old, 8 months pregnant, with "abercrombie" written on my bottom. *Sigh* I read that if you are older than 25 it's not ok to ever where anything with writing on the butt. What has this pregnancy done to me? It is making me resort to my younger self with a much bigger body. So while running errands I simply ignore peoples stares and constantly try to pull my shirt over the back of my shorts and hope no one calls the fashion police. Oh well, I'm comfortable. If momma is happy, then everyone is happy! (On a side note, John has been telling me to go shopping if I need more clothes, but I refuse to shell out money when this baby is due in 44 days.)
 My newest outfit.... I'm rockin' the short shorts (sort of).
 Almost 34 weeks and ready to wear clothes that fit! I think baby boy is turning. He has been in the head down, face up position for awhile, but the past few days I've felt his hiccups on my side instead of down below. I really hope this boy isn't turning into the breech positon. I have been doing some yoga moves everynight to try to keep his head down but I'm not sure it's working. I'll ask the doctor Friday but I'm sure he's going to say that the little guy has a few more weeks to turn into the correct position. He's already making his momma a nervous wreck! :)

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