Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Ordinary Day

I got the idea to photograph an ordinary day in our life from Baby Rabies. I thought it was cool being able to watch how her day progressed and I decided to try it. Of course I had to remember to take pictures. She took a picture every hour, but I did it a little different. Anyway, this is usually what our day looks like...

Jude awake. Bottle, than playtime. (Too damn early for a picture.)

Playing and getting into things he shouldn't.
 He gets the oatmeal, I need get the donuts.

Playtime. This box is his new favorite toy.
Time for a nap.
Jude is napping and now it's time for Momma to nap.
Jude and I just woke from a nap and now he's playing while I get ready for our lunch date.
Lunch date with Sabina.
Walking around Target to kill time. (I don't buy a thing.)
Heading home, Jude is yawning and rubbing his eyes.

Play date with Jackson. (As well as eat dinner.)
Evening walk with my two boys.
Bath time!
Bedtime routine and a little peek-a-boo play.
(I took this picture in the dark, I couldn't even see him, and it came out super cute!)
Snack for Mommy then bedtime shortly after.

This is an ordinary day in the life of Michelle and Jude. John is still off saving the world. :) Jude is feeling much better and we're excited to start having play dates again this week.

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Laurie said...

Love to see your day!