Saturday, June 23, 2012

This first picture best describes our week. Jude was super sick with a fever, runny nose, and congestion. He was fussy, clingy, and exhausted everyday. John has been in Miami, so Jude and I were at it alone. My silver lining through the week was the fact that Jude was taking a 2-3 hr morning AND afternoon nap. So I was napping as well. 

He refused to eat the first few days and would be so mad if I took him off my hip. He wanted to be attached to me 24/7.

Getting himself stuck.

Darkness in his room!

Playing with me

Starting to feel better!

Looking in the kiddie mirror at Target.

Playing with the camera.

Riley getting ready for the food Jude drops.

Jude finishing up his mashed potatoes and hamburger steak.

Eggs for breakfast!! Feeling good for the first time in a week!

Trying to stand up.

He has learned he can get into cabinets now.

Jude loves his brother.

I got the tail end of Jude and Riley. Jude is obsessed with Riley, but Riley...not so much. 
A video of Jude...nothing important. :)

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