Monday, June 11, 2012

Past few days...

Jude and I have been having a great few days. It's been about 98 degrees everyday, so we're trying to stay cool. 

He pulled himself up (with a little help from me) and proceeded to stand there and play. The past few days he'll find something to tr to pull himself up on. It won't be long! I think this boy is going to pass crawling up.

I bought this for Jude before we left. I like it ok. It has to be set up by a drain because it runs on the hose and it's hot in this area. I don't like him in the sun that long. Plus, since it's running hose water it's really cold.

Jude and I grabbed lunch and headed to a nearby park where we ate and played for awhile.

I bought Jude a baby pool with a partial cover to keep the sun out. I was able to fill it up and let the sun warm up the water before we played. It worked out really well and Jude really loved it.
 Today, a few friends and babies met for lunch then headed to a friend-of-a-friends pool. The water was FREEZING so we weren't in there long.
Jude playing in the shade.

Jude and Jackson having their play time.

Jackson, Evan, and Jude. Jude is older than both boys by 3 months...can you tell??!!

We have a few more play dates this week so I'll update later. :)

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Laurie said...

Jude is growing too fast!