Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some Changes

We have made a few changes to the house the past month. I am finally getting around to blogging about them. 

"Just a eatin' my snack, Mom."

We moved the bookcase from the den into our bedroom and made a play area for Jude. The toys were taking over the house!

Another view...

He is getting tall enough to reach all the c.d.'s, so I moved them to the top and used the bottom shelves for books. I also made him a little reading area. It's quite cozy and we've snuggled up a few times to read books there.

Gumbo! It was so good!

Jude enjoying his new play area.

Jude loving gumbo.

While John and I were in Cape Cod, Mom went to town on decorating my house. :) These are the new dining room chair covers. I love it!

She also made matching pillows for the bench.

We had a huge white area above the couch that needed to be filled. Mom and I went to a fabric store and got the rings and fabric and she put it all together and on the wall, so it was waiting for me when we got back from our trip.

Jude having a good lunch.
Today has been a pretty good day so far. Jude was up at 5am, but thankfully went down for a nap from 8-11am. I slept the whole 3 hours as well. Erin took Jude for a couple of hours so I could scrub my house from top to bottom. Every room has been vacuumed, mopped, dusted, and cleaned. Laundry and dishes were cleaned and put away. It feels so nice!
Tomorrow is my 8 week ultrasound so I will update after!

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