Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th Weekend

I am spending today, Sunday, getting things taken care of around the house. John will be home Tuesday (Thank Goodness!) and he can start on the very long list I have for him. :) But  today I am doing small things like sterilizing all bottles, nipples, binkies, and breast pump accessories. I'm also getting rid of the recycling and cleaning the house. I love things that are clean. It makes me sleep better at night. For lunch and probably dinner I made a chili con queso dip in the slow cooker, put it on top of chips, and made nachos out of it. So delicious!

 This is making me hungry again.
Since I got pregnant I have been looking for the perfect sling to carry our baby in. I can't imagine having this baby boy inside me for 9 months, delivering him, then wanting to put him down somewhere for most of the day. I'm already very protective of him and the thought of carrying him on me makes me feel a whole lot better. Anyway, I have researched and got several opinions on what people like. I believe it was a blogger who helped me make my final decision that I wanted a Maya Wrap. Women walk around all the time with it and I finally stopped a woman to ask her opinion. I was also able to see and touch the material. It's a bit pricey so I continued to hold off.

Well, last weekend my friend Erin and I went to a pregnancy support group put on by our yoga teacher. A mom showed up with her 11 day old baby girl (OMG I wanted to hold her!!) and her Maya Wrap. She was able to show me how a newborn fits in it and how comfortable it is to wear. Babies are carried around in our stomachs for 9 months and they are constantly moving around and hearing mom's heartbeat. This sling portrays the feeling of being back in the womb. It holds baby tight, right next to mom's heart. Great reviews! Anyway, talking to this woman and actually seeing a baby in it sealed the deal for me.  I purchased one that Monday and received it yesterday. I am still trying to get the hang of it but I put a stuffed bear in it to show what it looks like.
Obviously, the extra material is for making the wrap bigger once baby gets bigger and for breastfeeding. If I wanted to BF in public, I would take the longer part and toss it over my shoulder, over baby's head. Anyway, I love it and am so happy I made this choice. I am so ready to put my little man in it and carry him with me everywhere!


Kendra Rodriguez said...

I used a sling with all my kids. I had the hot sling though (loved it). My best friend in FL had the maya wrap and it was awesome, the extra material was perfect for nursing. Enjoy. You will get so much done having that sling!

Michelle Claire said...

Thanks girl! I'm sure I made a great choice, there are just so many wonderful slings out there!

christine said...

I want the recipe for the chili con queso. That looks yummy! The wrap is cute. I never had one like that but I wish I had now.