Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Packed bags and all that...

This past weekend was taken over by the to-do list. We packed our hospital bags....
 and John swept out the garage, as well as cleaned the car inside and out.
 I was sweating just taking this picture so I can't imagine how he felt. Thanks, babe!
 Monday morning we drove to the fire station and they installed our car seat. I'm a freak about stuff like this and I sleep better at night knowing we didn't screw up the installation and our baby will be safe in the back seat of our car. (John added the sheet for Riley when he's in the car, though I can't see him being in it many more times before baby is here.)
Riley supervised all weekend.

Last night our air conditioner went out! Thank goodness today (so far) is relatively decent or Riley and I would be sweating our butt's off. However, I'm a bit nervous because the hottest part of the day is between 4-7pm. We still haven't heard from the A/C people so I have no idea when they plan on making a trip out here, but it better be soon.

* I blogged all of this (except the A/C) yesterday and it did not save so this is a re-do. Hopefully it will work this time. :)

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